Thursday, 29 December 2011

merry christmas!

appologies for the lack of posts. . my laptop broke, my ipod broke, my blackberry broke. .so i've been living with very little communication!
in my last post i wrote about how everything was beginning to look up for me. . kind of ironic because days later, everything got turned upside down. . in my town, three people died, in the most tragic of circumstances. . so close to christmas too! all my friends have been fighting and i dont want anything to do with it so i've practicaly  become a recluse. . i was on a night out one night and i was talking to my uncle and i said that i was so pleased for my dad & step mum that they were having a baby and my uncle said 'so am i, especially since they lost the last one'. . well that was a bit of a shock considering i didn't even know. .

but yes, christmas has been and gone and it's almost 2012. . i've been waiting for this year for sosososo long! i get to leave northern ireland to go to uni! :D i think with the arrival of 2012 i'm going to start recording on here the amount i eat because i have slipped up a little recently, tho i have lost 4 lbs since christmas day :P. . best christmas present ever! (besides my uggs)

stay slim my lovelies. . i promise to try write on here more often!

Friday, 16 December 2011

dream a little dream for me

it seems that i'm barely posting anymore. i haven't got my to say. .

i got an offer for huddersfield university, and leeds trinity :) so happy! 
i passed my driving test!
it seems like everything's going my way at the moment. . it feels like i'm genuinely beginning to feel happiness. . but i have this tiny piece of doubt which makes me think 'how long will this happiness last?' but for the moment, i'm juss trying to enjoy it :P 

i promise to try and catch up with all your blogs my lovelies! 

keep strong! ♥

Monday, 12 December 2011

rest in peace

my best friends granda was diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks ago. last saturday night we were out in a local club and my friend got sent for. her granda took a turn for the worst. we were all hangin on to the last shreds of hope. on thursday morning he peacefully passed away.

i'm gutted for her. her granda was one of the most lovliest men ever. he was a true gentleman. it's true. life's short. you don't know what you're going to face each day. we should really live for the moment.

rest in peace liam 
gone, but never forgetten ♥