Saturday, 7 April 2012

i'm sorry

i havent posted here in a very long time. i dont want to make excuses but i think my followers need a little bit of an explanation.

i've hit rock bottom. i throw up after everyi get such a thrill these days out of making myself throw up. i would sit and eat and eat and eat so much food just so i can make myself sick. it makes me feel better. no one really cares about me either anymore theyre all sick and tired of me. and i just want to feel wanted. so i have sex with random people.i know they only want to use me for sex but for that moment when we fuck i know they want me. but after i feel dirty. i think thats when i started cutting too. tho i dont really know how or when it started. all i kno is one minute i wasn't cutting then the next i realised i'd been cutting for weeks.

i'm screaming out for help. no one notices. i just want saved.

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